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Past Life Passive healing


Sally said Gobsmacked, Phenomenal, This is life changing 

  • Very real and intrinsically linked to her anxiety today 

  • Just cant believe where the healing took her

  • The most powerful woo thing she has ever had


As soon as Adrian started I felt fully supported by his energy and Angels started gathering. Once the grounding and opening of the heart chakra was done, I was immediately in a past life which had links to many areas of my current life. Adrian was able to help me explore this past life and acknowledge which parts negatively influenced this life and release the karma from it.


I can honestly say that this is the most amazing ‘woo’ thing I have ever done. The power involved in the session was immense and I was genuinely taken a back by the intensity of the experience and blown away how the individual aspects totally related to issues I’ve had in this lifetime.


Adrian guided me through the whole process and I felt his positive energy throughout. I can honestly say that this experience has been life changing and I can see already how much it’s helping me in my life.

Thanks so much Adrian 😊

Past Life Passive healing – Three sessions


Martina said:


After 1st session 

Thank you for the fantastic session Adrian & thank you for holding space to allow me to speak my absolute truth 🙏🤗💜

It was deep, deep healing and she felt she could really stand in her power and no one with ever walk all over her again.


After 2nd session 

Thank you so much Adrian for another phenomenal session


After 3rd session 

  • Divine thanks for a profound healing session 

  • I only let a few certain healers into my energy

  • You are super powerful and the purest of souls

Past Life Passive healing


Karen said:

After some initial breathing exercises, Adrian began by taking me through some protective visualisations which made me feel safe, focused and relaxed, and which were truly beautiful.

Adrian’s approach to the session was perfect: From explaining how it all worked to directing the healing in a clear and gentle way.

At no point did Adrian prompt me, and I felt reassured throughout that however the session went, it would be exactly right.

The emotions and sensations I felt during and after the session confirmed to me that I had undergone a profound experience.

I am now looking forward to my next phase of spiritual development in the certainty that this session has caused a shift, and will continue to help me progress on my spiritual journey.

I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Adrian’s Passive Healing sessions and I’m extremely glad to have had the experience.

Thank you, Adrian.

Past Life Passive Healing. Heal and deepen the understanding of past/parallel life’s


I had 3 Ark healing sessions with Adrian and they were extremely powerful and helped me to
uncover and shift some really profound attachments and past life trauma. I found thing’s out about
myself that I would never have dreamt was possible!! Adrian is a really gentle soul who will guide
you through this process with ease, grace and love. Highly recommended to anyone who is looking
to deepen their understanding of their past and present selves and move into their future with more
clarity, peace of mind and resilience.


Akashic Record Clearing, General, Magical


Annie said:

Wow. Healing of a very high degree - and I don’t say that lightly. I could really feel in real-time Adrian's connection to my higher self. 


I was light-headed for a few seconds after the healing and felt like I was walking on a cloud for the rest of the day. Some of the results I was seeking came immediately, and the rest came the very next day!!!


Magical 💖

Akashic Record Clearing, Move on from past relationships.

Kristina had be unable to commit to any relationship since divorcing her previous husband in her late 20s. Age 40 after one session she flew to her on/off boyfriend and married him two months later! They remain very happy. 

After clearing session Kristina wrote – Thank you so much. This is so important for me. I am so happy and thank you very much. I really feel so different. Unbelievable.

A number of weeks later Kristina wrote - Hello Adrian! I need to say a big thank you. I feel any previous soul contracts have stopped. I try to remember how I feel about terrible moments from before and my previous marriage and I feel nothing, like it did not exist. Really unbelievable. Really unbelievable. And you know yesterday I finally went to Belgium to be with my fiancé without any doubt.

My heart became so much more open. Really so fantastic!! 

Thank you, million times over!

Akashic Record Clearings x 3 , Reprogram your life, Release old Patterns, Never look Back.

It’s difficult to know how to quantify the Akashic Record Healing as the effects have been so far-reaching. Mind-blowing in fact!

I am an experienced practitioner myself and have worked with many different psychological and spiritual modalities over the years.

I have found Akashic Record Healing to be one of the most powerful ways I know to release old patterns.

Adrian guides you to clear issues at the root so you can achieve a clean slate and be free to follow your true destiny.

He is adept at holding a safe space with wisdom and compassion so that you can achieve the transformation easily and with grace.

I highly recommend this type of healing. It has initiated so many positive changes in my life and after experiencing it.

I will never look back!

Louise Kelly

Artist, writer and Wellbeing Specialist

Akashic record clearing, General, Energy purifying my soul at all levels.

I am grateful for the healing session with Adrian. He is a kindred spirit and he is moved by an authentic desire to help others overcome their suffering and sorrow.


I knew the session was going to be powerful but I didn’t expect SO powerful. The downpour of energy was tremendous and I felt the healing energy purifying my soul at all levels. After the healing, I can feel love towards myself and others much more than before. I feel peace and I can manage situations with more self-confidence and courage.


This healing was a great boost for the purification of my soul from some of my limiting beliefs. I can feel something has changed within me and gave me the boost to open more of my heart to receive the beauty of the Universe. – Alessia

Akashic Record Clearing, General, Follow your true path.

I had a wonderful and very powerful experience with Adrian guiding me through an Akashic records cleansing.


I'm very grateful it was Adrian in particular who guided me through the records. He made me feel safe, secure and empowered throughout the process. I outlined some intentions before we began, which we focused on, but the journey took me much deeper thanks to Adrian's sensitivity and gentle guidance. I sensed physical confirmations during the reprogramming. The opening of my records and intention to cleanse also manifested itself into my reality outside of the session.



Thank you so very much, Adrian. Much love, 

Faye x x

Overcome Trauma, I believe in myself again.

Claire suffered huge trauma when she was groomed by a controlling predator – she felt trapped, stuck and her life could not move on.

Response after three healing sessions - I feel amazing, like me again. Like I can get back my powers of organisation, like I believe in myself again, like I can do this!  Even have done some forward planning without it feeling like a task!

From a chiropractor with a bad back, My god what a change. Within 24 hrs I had NO pain

I am a chiropractor. During lockdown last summer my hip was hurting. I cant treat myself but did see a chiro. She helped once but after that nothing seemed to help. The pain had been going on for 7 months on and off. Mostly on. Not a lot I did exercise wise or pills helped (tried zapain and a new mattress). I saw Adrian in Dec 20 who offered some sessions.


My god what a change. Within 24 hrs I had NO pain. For the next month either none or very minimal pain that didn't last. Another month on and still good. The odd twinge and some stiffness (admittedly I'm not exercising and barely working myself). It was a noticeable difference and I have given a little bit of thought to training myself as I think it would complement the hands-on work I do. ASIDE from the energy work, Adrian is the loveliest man I know. So compassionate and warm. You feel so relaxed and safe in his company. He will get busy so I’d get on a client list quick!

Thankyou Adrian.

Liz Bayliss BSc Chiro CCT The Rose Clinic Ltd.

Terrible back pain, my back feels the best it has in years.

Sue had been suffering with this issue using a chiropractor and taking pharmaceutical medication.  

This is what she said after one treatment.

Honestly!! OMG, amazing, seriously my back feels the best it has in years,


I am very confident in recommending Adrian to anyone with any health issues for themselves or their pets. I will continue to use Adrian for any issues I have with myself or my pooches.

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